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Somerton Canvas
Somerton Acrylic

Somerton Canvas

When nothing but total sun blockout will do, Somerton Canvas offers sun protection fabrics for fixed arm exterior blinds and awnings that provide the perfect defence against the harsh elements of a sunburnt country.

Woven in Australia from 50/50 polyester and cotton yarns, then protected with a high quality acrylic coating, Somerton Canvas fabrics have been specially designed to totally blockout sun, wind and rain whilst offering lasting colour vibrancy.

Available in the widest selection of colours in the market and also in wider width rolls, Somerton Canvas fabrics are available in traditional and contemporary striped designs and the most fashionable bold plain colours. The striped fabrics are made with a classic green backing to provide maximum protection from sun, heat and glare, whilst the plain fabrics are identically shaded front and back to ensure a visually consistent exterior finish.

In addition to offering high-level protection against UV light and water degradation, abrasion, mould and mildew, the Somerton Canvas fabrics surpass Building Council of Australia standards for early fire hazards. Somerton Canvas fabrics are also supplied with a 5-year guarantee.

Extremely durable, classic and contemporary total blockout external sun protection fabrics with long-lasting colour vibrancy. This is the essence of Somerton Canvas fabrics by Defab.


Somerton Acrylic

When the need for sun blockout has to be balanced against the desire for colour and view, Somerton Acrylic offers sun protection fabrics for exterior folding arm blinds and awnings as well as outdoor furniture and furnishings that provides the perfect balance in blockout, colour and view.

Somerton Acrylic fabrics are woven from the finest colourful yarns containing Leacril Outdoor acrylic fibres into fully breathable, semi-transparent, water repellent canvas fabrics that provide semi block-out protection from the potentially damaging effects of sun, rain and wind.

Available in fresh, bright, modern, perfectly coloured stripes and plain fabrics, Somerton Acrylic fabrics are shaded identically front and back to provide a visually consistent finish and are a natural complement to Somerton Canvas fabrics.

Being fully breathable as well as highly water and mould resistant, Somerton Acrylic fabrics cover most weather conditions, and are particularly suited to environments with moderate to high humidity and rain. The Somerton Acrylic range is also supplied with a 5-year limited guarantee.

Totally modern semi-blockout external sun protection fabrics designed to combine the best of all worlds in protection, colour and view. This is the essence of Somerton Acrylic fabrics by Defab.



When sun blockout needs to allow in some precious light and air, Flexishade offers combination blockout and transluscent sun protection fabrics that can be easily co-ordinated to create the perfect atmosphere.

As well as being a great fabric for external blinds and awnings, the versatility of Flexishade makes it ideal for outdoor furniture as well as furnishings and accessories such as outdoor umbrellas, chairs and banana lounges.

Flexishade is woven from high quality, PVC coated polyester yarns into transluscent, woven mesh fabrics that can filter out 95% of the sun’s heat and glare without loss of precious light and air.

Flexishade is available in a broad selection of contemporary striped designs as well as the most popular bold and neutral colours, and also comes in wider width rolls.
A natural complement to Somerton Canvas, Flexishade can be co-ordinated with Somerton Canvas total blockout fabrics to create flexible sun protection zones within the same stripe design.

Strong enough to resist heat and glare as well as protect against mould and mildew, Flexishade is extremely easy to care for and maintain and offers long lasting colour vibrancy. Flexishade also comes with a 3-year limited guarantee.

Modern, ultra versatile external sun protection fabrics designed to be coordinated for totally flexible blockout protection. This is the essence of Flexishade fabrics by Defab.